The Stagnant Stage of Being and How to Overcome It

There is a stage when life just becomes so inert that it almost becomes too demanding to actually care about anything.

How is your life going? “Ehh, you know the usual”.

What do you think about the recent Corona Virus outbreak? “Nothing really”.

This ‘couldn’t care-less-attitude’ is often the reason for the stagnancy in our lives. It doesn’t let us move forward in any way. We have to care about the few things we actually care about. Might sound a little shitty and confusing; well it is.

We might imagine that by not caring about a thing we are actually sparing ourselves a lot of pain. However, it is not actually the case. It actually inhibits our critical thinking; the ability to insert ourselves into a full-hearted self inclusion. It might not include a macabre sense of existence; it is not an existence at all. Perhaps the realization of pain and fear (this macabre-ness of existence) is what pushes us forward. This is what propels us forward, to strive to be better than our former selves, to let ourselves loose within the ripples of the world.

But exactly what might cause this alienation from caring about the random things around and about us?

In most cases, however, not all, it is the separation of the individual from their long-held goal. Life rarely presents opportunities where we can walk a straight path to the goals that we have set for ourselves. Often due to many unforeseen circumstances, an individual has to divert themselves from their trajectory, and this is horrific. The society at large does not acknowledge the destructive effect that this action can have on the individual, both physical and psychological. For someone who has garnered and sustains one trajectory towards the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ can be very devastating to have lost the one aspect which gave them meaning. That dream was the defining factor. The essence of achievement was the sustenance for the soul.

And once that essence is robbed from the fragile being, guess what happens?

Nothing makes sense anymore; absolutely nothing. There is no intermittent drive to get anything done. Essentially that feeling of self is missing or perhaps one might argue that the essential driving force has been removed. But I think it’s more like that the force has subsided into a non-caring state of existence. The being then essentially becomes passive to anything happening around them. Nothing, no matter how devastating it might seem, it just doesn’t make the impact. How do I know you might ask? Well, that’s what I have been going through in the last few months.

There is no forward once someone is in that place. It is quicksand for the being, where the being is stuck in its everlasting quest of growth and sustenance. Nothing overwhelms the being, almost positioning them to be inert to “everything”. Now some might argue over-engaging into anything is not a very good idea, but it should suffice to say that engaging is just for the average Joe. I mean think about it, if something is not really overwhelming you (which mostly happens if one is over-engaging into or being over-engaged by) then there is no extra force needed to force ourselves. We do not remember the boring, normal, casual days; we do remember the days we as individuals were challenged into something more than us like completing two papers in 1 week or writing 2 reports also have client meetings at the same time.

There has to be a constant motion (in some form or another) in our lives to be and remain healthy. Now, of course, some might prefer it a bit slower and others might just rev the gas to the red line, but there has to be a constant sense of motion. The inertia itself brings change into us slowly and helps adapt to the constant changes that are going on around us.

Rejuvenate yourselves. The being needs to be constantly lured into flashy, outright crazy preposterous ideas to be engaged. Satisfy yourself, your being, your existence. How do you that? Well, that should be simple; TRY SOMETHING NEW. Start slowly, do some research on it if you like, share your ideas with likeminded people on the internet and take a step to either achieve it or experience it.


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