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Asif Iqbal Pias,
Although being a Bangladeshi by birth, was sent a boarding school in Darjeeling for education. He returned to Bangladesh after completing his ICSE and A-levels. Being a local of Rajshahi, he completed his graduation in English from Rajshahi itself. Having stayed abroad for a long time, he faced a lot of difficulties in coping with environment around him; to combat which he chose the trusty pen and paper. He has written and published his stories, poems and articles in little mags around the country. Presently he is concentrated more on research, about the culture and society of Bangladesh. And also works as a teacher in British Council and a few non profit organizations to improve and validate his research. He believes "Society is the mode for production of morals and humans are the individual attributes of morality".

Currently working as English Language Instructor for Project Headway British Council Test Center and an independent writer for different platforms. He recently published his book "The Occulist"with critical acclaim both home and abroad. Besides writing he wants to focus on helping new writers find a platform and build a community for young and upcoming writers.


Asif Iqbal Pias



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