Where the world has been peaceful,

and unbroken by hatred,

Where the freedom is life,

and not a bit shattered;

Where thought is not imprisoned,

and knowledge is free,

Where everyone is happy,

and mind is led forwarded by thee;

I want to go there…


Where the meaning of truth

has not lost it’s way,

Where dreaming of own passion

has nothing have to pay;

Where trust is easy,

and no place for doubt,

Where for rights,

People don’t have to sought;

I want to go there…


Where I can hold my head high,

and this world conspire my success,

Where everyone feels a divine bliss,

but don’t have to suffer from curses;

Where I don’t feel trapped and suffocated,

Where I can feel so content and protected;

I want to go there…


– Shweta Singh


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